10 MVPs from the Last Decade of Puppy Bowl

10 MVPs from the Last Decade of Puppy Bowl

While the Super Bowl is the game of the year for most households, the Puppy Bowl doesn't fail to come in at a close second! This ruff game has pups from all over the United States competing tail-to-tail for the winning trophy and lots of treats. In the last 20 years of the Puppy Bowl, 100% of the pets featured have been adopted shortly after, making it one of the most successful annual adoption events.

1. Marshall, a Boston Terrier

Marshall, a Boston Terrier from Virginia, was a member of Team Fluff's starting lineup! He is a hearing impaired puppy, but that didn't stop him from being a great team player. 

2. Gina, a Lab & Chow Chow Mix

While Team Fluff won the 2020 Puppy Bowl, Gina from Team Rough ended being that year's MVP! Gina, a Lab & Chow Chow Mix from Maryland, was playing in her rookie year and ended up stealing the hearts of the viewers and managed to get two touchdowns!

3. Bumble, an Australian & German Shepherd Mix

Bumble, an Australian & German Shepherd Mix from Spokane Valley, became the first Special Needs MVP in Puppy Bowl History! Bumble is deaf and blind, but that didn't stop her from playing her best. Bumble was just hours away from euthanasia because of her disabilities, when a local ranch rescued her and signed her up for the Puppy Bowl. She was immediately adopted by a Spokane Valley family and now is a Spokes-dog for other disabled pups. 


4. Bear, a Pit Bull & Foxhound Mix

Bear, a Pit Bull & Foxhound Mix from Virginia Beach, was on the winning Team Fluff! Scoring two touchdowns, Bear managed to make a full field run for one of them while other puppies were distracted.

5. Rory, a Poodle Terrier Mix

Rory, a Poodle Terrier Mix from New York, may look tiny, but she is she is mighty! She managed to score three touchdowns for Team Fluff, which lead her team to victory, making her the obvious shoe-in for MVP.

6. Star, a Chow Chow & Lab Mix

Star, a Chow Chow and Labrador Mix from Maryland, gave an all-Star performance for the 2016 Puppy Bowl! She managed to score the first double-touchdown in Puppy Bowl history, with a total of three touchdowns!

7. Cara, a Shih Tzu

Cara, a Shih Tzu from Florida, caused some major controversy over her win! Despite winning two touchdowns for Team Fluff, viewers were still upset over her fair and square win. She’s a winner in our hearts!

8. Loren, a Brittany Spaniel Mix

Loren, a Brittany Spaniel Mix, has been noted as one of the best Puppy Bowl players of all time! Scoring a touchdown for his team and winning the “Drive of the day” it’s no wonder why this undefeated pup was crowned MVP. 

9. Marta, a Schnauzer & Beagle Mix

Marta, a Schnauzer and Beagle Mix, ended up surprising viewers because of her tiny size. Despite being one of the smallest players on the field, she was able to make it into the end zone and outsmart other dogs on the field. 

10. Fumble, a Terrier Mix

Fumble, a Terrier Mix from LA, ended up not living up to his name in the 2012 Puppy Bowl! While providing a great defense, he also managed to win scores for team and was awarded MVP. 

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