6 Reasons Your Pet May Need A Supplement

6 Reasons Your Pet May Need A Supplement

Pets and humans are very similar in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to health. In fact, our pets can benefit from taking the some of the same supplements we do. Depending on what health issues your pet is facing and what treatment your vet recommends, you may come to realize your pet needs a supplement. There are many vast reasons as to why a pet may need a supplement, but here are just a few along with what supplement could help that specific issue.

1. Your Pet's Skin Is Itchy or Dull

If your pet seems to be itchy all the time or their coat has become dry and brittle, they could benefit from a Collagen supplement! Collagen has proven benefits for skin, nails, and hair (as well as other benefits for your pet’s health). 

If you’re looking for a good Collagen supplement, we make a flavored Liquid Collagen & Vitamin C supplement that can be added straight into your pet’s food.

2. Your Pet Is High-Stress

If your pet tends to be anxious, skittish, or in general has a hard time being social, they may benefit from a CBD Supplement. CBD has been proven to provide relief from anxiety as well as produce a general relaxation or calming effect on the body. You can discuss with your vet what kind of CBD product would be safe for your pet, but they come in different forms. 

CBD is also recommended to reduce the stress of a vet visit or car ride for your pet if they struggle getting out the door. You can get CBD in liquid form, treats, or gels. 

3. Your Pet Is Moving Slower

If your dog is having trouble getting around and doesn't seem to be as active as they once were, they could benefit from Omega Fatty Acids or Glucosamine + Chondroitin to help reduce inflammation and increase their mobility again. Glucosamine can also help provide comfort for pets with arthritis. 

Along with our Liquid Collagen, Aminopets also has a Liquid Glucosamine that is beef flavored for your pet! It can be also be added straight into your pets food or given orally. 

4. Your Pet Has A UTI

Pet's tend to become prone to Urinary Tract Infections later in their life, but they can experience them at any time. While it's a very serious infection and should be taken care of by a vet, your pet can also benefit from Cranberry supplements. Cranberries contain a compound which prevents E-coli bacteria from attaching to your pet's bladder.  

However, for some pets, cranberries can be dangerous depending on their health history so it's always best to get your vet's approval before giving your pet a supplement.

5. Your Pet Is Constipated

Our pets experience a lot of the same health issues humans do, including being back up. Probiotics can make a significant difference if your pet is struggling to go to the bathroom. Probiotics contain helpful bacteria that can help put the GI tract back on track. It can be given in liquid, paste, tablet or powder form.

6. Your Pet Has Dementia

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, otherwise known as dementia, is a neurological syndrome that can affect pets in their later years. It can cause disorientation, aggression, excessive barking, and other unusual behaviors.

Unfortunately, there is no cure or way to reverse dementia. However, it is believed that your pet can benefit from and slow the rate of the disease with CBD supplements. There are also studies that say Collagen is good for cognitive function as well. 

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